Spring has sprung!!

Our neighborhood is looking glorious with all the blooming flowers and trees. Blooming trees also mean leaves and more leaves. Please remember...DO NOT blow leaves into the street. They go directly into the storm drain which in turn empties into our lake and creates some of the algae problems.

Speaking of the lake, it is looking good. We have two otters along with many nesting birds and turtles. We also have a pair of resident Sand Hill Cranes. You have probably seen them 'touring' the neighborhood. And if you haven't seen them, you have most likely heard their loud, unusual call. Please drive carefully as they tend not to look both ways when crossing the street!!!

We have a few real estate sales to report. Finally, the house at 721 Shorecrest has sold for $489,000 after 6 years of foreclosure and bankruptcy proceedings. There is also a house on Cedarcrest that has been on the market and is now under contract.

The neighborhood garage sale was a huge success even with the late morning rain. We plan our sale to coincide with the Woodland Park sale in order to attract more people. It will be held annually in March.

All the meeting minutes have been posted on the website. February is not posted yet because the March meeting was canceled and they have not been approved.

As always, if you have any news to share, please contact Susan Meisel or Cindy Millar.