Algae problem prompts creation of Lake Committee

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The BOD has created a Lake Committee

A Lake committee is being organized to research and advice the BOD about the health of the lake and how to improve it. I have volunteered to be on that committee. If you are interested in being on the Lake Committee or would like more information. Please leave a comment.

Algae problem continues over the last several years.

Algae blooms started again in a big way this summer in our lake. For months it was a thick mat covering many parts of the lake near shore. Not only is it unsightly, it effects our property values. Algae control in lakes is a very important part of maintaining a healthy lake. In very high densities, algae blooms discolor the water and out-compete, poison, or asphyxiate other life forms. Some algae are toxic to humans and dogs. Excessive algae growth can indicate problems with water quality. The chances are good that overuse or improper applications of fertilizer (to close to the lake) in our community is part of the problem.  Aqua Utilities has also had sewage spills in our community when equipment failed and sewage ended up in the culverts that dump into the lake. It is also noted that for the first 8 or so years that I lived on the lake there were no algae blooms. The lake was healthy and full of life. Things have changed, In the last two to three years the health of the lake is in decline. There seems to be many different chemicals and approaches to controlling weeds and algae in a lake and clearly some work better than others. I am concerned that the problem is being exacerbated by how chemicals are being used and what types of chemicals are being used on the lake. For example, the use of copper sulfate is an effective treatment for algae but is also a poison that kills marine life and pollutes our waterways. Copper sulfate is a hazardous chemical and as the sludge builds up on the bottom of the lake from the dead algae it becomes toxic waste. We have had a new Lake maintenance company for the last two or three years. I am not suggesting that they are at fault for the algae blooms. I am just pointing out that along with whatever has effected the water quality, what chemicals are being used  may also be effecting the delicate balance of water quality, fish and plant life. Even though, at present the algae has subsided, it isn’t gone and we can assume it will be back unless we make some changes to how we manage the lake.  I recommend that we get some outside advice about how to improve the health of our lake and make the necessary changes before it is to late.
Please get in touch if you would like to join me in keeping our lake naturally beautiful and healthy.

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