North end of lake gets aquascaping

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The BOD has endorsed planting of desirable aquatic and wentland plants “aquascaping” on the north end of our lake as  an experiment. I have planted an area about 40 linear feet of shore line. Mostly between two culverts. This included … Continued

Spatterdock-yellow water-lily Photo’s from our Lake

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Nuphar lutea, the spatterdock, yellow water-lily, cow lily, or yellow pond-lily, is an aquatic plant of the familyNymphaeaceae, native to Eurasia. It grows in eutrophic freshwater beds, with its roots fixed into the ground and its leaves floating on the water’s surface.

Website Upgrade in Process…

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Hello neighbors! As directed by the BOD our website is being upgraded to make it easier for Homeowners to access official documents and get email communications about your community. There will also be Blog Posts from BOD and Committee Members. You can add your … Continued