BOD Meeting Agenda 3-28-19

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Oaks at Woodland Park

Homeowners’ Association, Inc.

c/o C & S Community Management Services, Inc,
4301 32nd Street W, Ste A-20
Bradenton, FL 34205


Thursday, March, 28th, 2019

711 Cedarcrest Court

Sarasota FL 34232

6:00 p.m.

President to call meeting to order

The Secretary will announce that all Board members have been notified and Notice was properly posted on the grounds in advance of the meeting. The Secretary will determine if a quorum is present.

A motion is to be made to approve the February 28th, 2019 Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes as photocopied and presented.

A motion is to be made to accept the February 2019 Financial Report as photocopied and presented.

Unfinished Business:

Ø BB&T Bank

Ø Website Integration

Ø Document Revision Committee

Ø Budget Reserve Calculation from 2018

Ø Owner emails

Ø Sidewalks

New Business: Objectives for 2019

Ø Maintenance of preserve

Ø Upkeep of common areas including entrance sign

Ø Fountain Review

Ø Rules violations

Ø ARC procedures

Member Comments: keep to 3 minutes per items on the agenda.

Next Meeting


Hope to see you there.
Judi Morrison