Our Sick Lake

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The current condition of our lake. This effects us all… Don’t think that this doesn’t effect your property value even if you do not live on the lake.  For years I have been voicing my concerns that this will not … Continued

North end of lake gets aquascaping

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The BOD has endorsed planting of desirable aquatic and wentland plants “aquascaping” on the north end of our lake as  an experiment. I have planted an area about 40 linear feet of shore line. Mostly between two culverts. This included … Continued

Spatterdock-yellow water-lily Photo’s from our Lake

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Nuphar lutea, the spatterdock, yellow water-lily, cow lily, or yellow pond-lily, is an aquatic plant of the familyNymphaeaceae, native to Eurasia. It grows in eutrophic freshwater beds, with its roots fixed into the ground and its leaves floating on the water’s surface.