North end of lake gets aquascaping

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The BOD has endorsed planting of desirable aquatic and wentland plants “aquascaping” on the north end of our lake as  an experiment. I have planted an area about 40 linear feet of shore line. Mostly between two culverts.

This included the following plants:

Marsh Hay Cordgrass -Spartina patens

product_img_94_275x183Very popular perennial salt tolerant grass up to 2 feet. Found in Zones 7+. Grows in salt marshes, retention ponds, swales, ditches, and other coastal shorelines. Fire resistant. Yellow flower. Salt, flood and sun tolerance. Recruits quickly and helps stabilize soil.

Horsetail Rush

Bog Plants, Horse tail, Bog Plants for ponds, Aquatic PlantsOf all the bog plants in the aquatic landscape everyone seems to loves Horsetails.  Horsetail Rush, also called Scouring Rush, is a hollow and non-flowering cane-like plant that have survived for literally millions of years, representing  one of the oldest types of bog plants available.

Horsetail is one of the oldest surviving plant-life from the Paleozoic period and is often referred to as “Living Fossils”. Horsetails are tall and stalky  but will open up to produce tiny, vibrantly green branches when in “bloom”. The horsetail is perfect for wet sandy soil as well as submerged clay

Most varieties of Horsetail Rush can attain a height of up to three feet and will keep their green color year-round.

Blue Flag Iris-Iris virginica

product_img_34_275x183Perennial up to 4 ft. that produces a showy lavender flower. Grows on margins in moist to wet areas. Found in Zones 7-10. Leaves resemble those of juvenile cattails. Shade and flood tolerance. A top choice for lake and pond banks.